Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets high concept crime, FRAGILE LIES asks the questions of how far is one willing to go to avoid the pain of the past, and the devastating consequences of when that past comes back to wreak havoc in the present. Metamoria is a company that helps assuage grief. For a fixed price, it can recreate virtual lives for people missing, loved ones who have died before their time and re-write history for those who have fallen between the cracks of society. It is the next step in our technological evolution. But not everyone sees it that way. Elizabeth has worked there since she was twenty, drawn to the company because of the ghosts that haunt her. Her best friend Michael was abducted when he was twelve, and she has lived with the guilt ever since. As protestors become more hostile, and the media grows more aggressive, Metamoria must guard their safety as they try to help their clients. But one day Elizabeth starts being followed by a mysterious stranger with dark intent…until she starts registering clues, clues which point to Michael returning after fifteen years. But in a world where history itself can be re-written, is anything what it seems?